Van Meter Associates seeks clients with both taxable and nontaxable assets who wish to employ discretionary portfolio management services. Assets (stocks, bonds, and interest yielding reserves) are held by a third party custodian; at this time we are using T.D.Ameritrade Institutional as our custodian of choice.

Prospective clients are asked to discuss their financial situation and their asset/liability mix with us to aid in the development of a personal investment profile and plan. Each client relationship is recognized as a unique blend of investment objectives. Time spent at the beginning of the service relationship is critical in developing a meaningful investment road map.

An investment management agreement along with associated descriptive documents outlining Van Meter Associates' responsibilities and obligations is reviewed and signed prior to service. Our investment management agreement does not commit the client to a specified time period; we serve at the client's pleasure.

Ongoing client reporting is provided by both the custodian as well as the firm so that all investment decisions are totally transparent. Trading confirmations are provided and the summary reporting frequency is quarterly with interim reports available at client request. Taxable accounts will receive full year end gain/loss reports along with income received information suitable for tax preparation.

Fee for service is based on quarter end market value of the account assets. Fees range from 1% to 2% annually depending on which strategy is chosen, with lower fees charged depending on account value.

A copy of Van Meter Associates LLC Form ADV must be provided to the client when the investment management agreement is signed by both parties.